What to expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2018 (business perspective)

AI implementations will still not be the norm Only one in 20 companies has comprehensively integrated KI into its offerings or processes. Less than 39% of all companies have an AI strategy. According to the MIT Sloan Management Review, the largest companies – with at least 100,000 employees – are most likely to have an […]

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Amazing free Machine Learning and Deep Learning public data sources for 2018

These public data sources can be used for machine learning and deep learning research. Datasets are an integral part of the field of machine learning. Finding a good machine learning dataset is often the biggest hurdle a developer has to cross before starting any data science project. Whether you’re new to machine learning, or a […]

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Importance of Unsupervised Learning in data preprocessing

This term encompasses all types of machine learning in which the result is unknown and there is no teacher to train the algorithm. In the case of unsupervised learning, the learning algorithm receives only the input data and is instructed to extract knowledge from this data. There are basically two types of unsupervised learning: 1. […]

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AI Readiness

AI-Readiness – Is your business ready for the use of AI? A checklist with 7 points.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence in general have been on everyone’s lips for some time now. While the topic of AI is in the forefront of the media, most (especially the executive floor) are still not clear on how to best use machine learning or what it takes to implement it all. Ultimately, machine learning […]

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machine learning

Top Machine Learning Algorithms for Predictions. A Short Overview.

Companies have always been very interested in expanding and improving their decision-making principles. In the past, business decisions were largely based on the experience of proven employees and gut instincts. Over time, accounting systems have become easier and better at revising past business data for interesting patterns and deviations. The problem with these analyzes, however, […]

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Blockchain & Big Data Analytics – the perfect match?

Not so long ago, a consortium of 47 Japanese banks teamed up with a company called Ripple to facilitate cash transfers between bank accounts through blockchain. The main reason for the move was to enable real-time transfers at a very low cost. One of the reasons why traditional real-time transfers were expensive was in the […]

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Blockchain & Big Data Analytics – die perfekte Symbiose?

Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit da hat sich ein Konsortium von 47 japanischen Banken mit einer Firma namens Ripple zusammengetan, um Geldtransfers zwischen Bankkonten mittels Blockchain zu ermöglichen. Der Hauptgrund für den Umzug bestand darin, Echtzeittransfers zu sehr niedrigen Kosten zu ermöglichen. Einer der Gründe, warum traditionelle Echtzeittransfers teuer waren, lag in den potenziellen Risikofaktoren. […]

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Ausblick 2018 - Künstliche Intelligenz

KI-Ausblick 2018: Was von Künstlicher Intelligenz aus Unternehmenssicht zu erwarten ist

KI Implementierungen werden weiterhin die Ausnahme sein Nur eines von 20 Unternehmen hat KI umfassend in seine Angebote oder Prozesse integriert. Weniger als 39% aller Unternehmen verfügen über eine KI-Strategie. Laut MIT Sloan Management Review haben die größten Unternehmen – mit mindestens 100.000 Mitarbeitern – am ehesten eine KI-Strategie, aber nur die Hälfte davon hat […]

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Vorausschauende Wartung

Smart Predictive Maintenance: Der Schlüssel zu Industrie 4.0

Smart Predictive Maintenance ist eine moderne Wartungstechnik, die mehrere Technologien und Wartungsansätze beinhaltet (einschließlich der leistungsstarken und fortschrittlichen Methode Predictive Maintenance (PdM)). Wir haben uns mit dem PdM-Ansatz bereits in einem unserer vorherigen Artikel [1] ausgiebig beschäftigt. Man könnte Smart Predictive Maintenance (SPdM) folgendermaßen definieren: SPdM ist die kontinuierliche Überwachung und Analyse eines Netzwerks von Assets, […]

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Machine Learning: The Key to a Sustainable Chemical Industry

In many areas of business (e.g. finance, marketing), machine leaning is becoming a popular method for data analysis. So, what is machine learning and what can machine learning offer the chemical sector? What is machine learning? Essentially, machine learning is a method of creating a model based on sample data and then using the model […]

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