What is AutoML (Automated Machine Learning)?

AutoML enjoys a steadily increasing popularity (see Forbes). Not least driven by the numerous successes in practical analyses. In a world in which more and more devices produce data and are networked with each other, the data “produced” grows disproportionately. […]

10 Statistical Techniques Data Scientists Should Master

The more statistical techniques a Data Scientist has mastered, the better the results can be. In this blog article, we want to introduce you to ten common techniques that should not be missing in the repertoire of a data scientist. […]

10 Predictive Analytics Anwendungsszenarien die Ihr Unternehmen kennen sollte

Predictive Analytics Anwendungen ermöglichen Unternehmen potenzielle Ereignisse und Chancen rechtzeitig zu identifizieren bzw. vorherzusagen. (Zur Einführung lesen Sie hierzu auch: Künstliche Intelligenz: Definition und Abgrenzung) Wikipedia definiert Predictive Analytics folgendermaßen: “Predictive Analytics’ encompasses a variety of statistical techniques from data […]

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Promising Progress (Best Use Cases)

The human brain is an amazing work of art, it has very complex neural circuits and the way it registers, stores, processes and analyzes information and takes decisions has always been a matter of fascination. To even attempt to replicate […]