Uncover new, more meaningful KPIs with Machine Learning

Machine learning can help companies identify completely new metrics in a rapidly changing market. It is well known that machine learning is already helping companies achieve their performance goals by optimizing existing performance metrics. By leveraging the growing volume of […]

4 Signs your Company should Invest in a Data Lake

What is a Data Lake? A data lake is a system or repository of data stored in its natural/ raw format, usually, object blobs or files. A data lake is usually a single store of all enterprise data including raw […]

Mit Machine Learning neue, aussagekräftigere KPIs aufdecken

Machine Learning kann Unternehmen dabei helfen völlig neue Kennzahlen, in einem sich schnell verändernden Markt, zu identifizieren. Es ist weithin bekannt, dass maschinelles Lernen bereits heute Unternehmen dabei unterstützt ihre Leistungsziele durch die Optimierung bestehender Leistungskennzahlen zu erreichen. Durch die […]

10 Useful AI & ML Slides

According to the motto: “A picture says more than a thousand words” some useful slides with a short explanation are shown below. 1. Evolution of Analytics Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data; and the […]