Künstliche Intelligenz berechnet die Spielergebnisse der WM 2018 voraus

Die Fußballweltmeisterschaft 2018 beginnt am Donnerstag in Russland und wird wahrscheinlich eines der am meisten angesehenen Sportereignisse. Vielleicht sogar populärer als die Olympischen Spiele. Daher sind die potentiellen Gewinner von erheblichem Interesse. Viele Freunde haben uns in den letzten Tagen gefragt, ob es mögliche wäre den Ausgang der WM Spiele vorherzusagen. Nun ja, wir haben […]

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Deep Learning with PyTorch 1.0 & ONNX: Bringing research and production closer together

Facebook has announced a new version of its Deep Learning framework PyTorch, which aims to simplify the shift from research and training models to production deployment. A first beta is planned during this year. As part of the developer conference F8, Facebook has released version 1.0 of its open source deep learning framework PyTorch. It […]

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Deep Learning - Transfer Learning

Transfer Learning – Some available Pre-trained models for TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras and CNTK

Transfer learning or inductive transfer is a research problem in machine learning that focuses on storing knowledge gained while solving one problem and applying it to a different but related problem. For example, knowledge gained while learning to recognize cars could apply when trying to recognize trucks. This area of research bears some relation to […]

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What to expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2018 (business perspective)

AI implementations will still not be the norm Only one in 20 companies has comprehensively integrated KI into its offerings or processes. Less than 39% of all companies have an AI strategy. According to the MIT Sloan Management Review, the largest companies – with at least 100,000 employees – are most likely to have an […]

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Amazing free Machine Learning and Deep Learning public data sources for 2018

These public data sources can be used for machine learning and deep learning research. Datasets are an integral part of the field of machine learning. Finding a good machine learning dataset is often the biggest hurdle a developer has to cross before starting any data science project. Whether you’re new to machine learning, or a […]

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3 Möglichkeiten wie Maschinelles Lernen Industrie 4.0 revolutionieren kann

3 Ways Machine Learning can Revolutionize Industry 4.0

Industrial companies often have large amounts of data without generating any added value from it. According to a study by the World Economics Forum in cooperation with A.T. Kearney is currently 70% of all collected production data is not used. The development of market-ready AI tools and the availability of scalable computing power enable manufacturers […]

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How businesses can benefit from chatbots

A chatbot is a program that can conduct a conversation with a person using rules and AI to simulate a human-like interaction with users. Chatbots have become increasingly popular in recent years, already changing the way brands interact with their customers. The combination of 24/7 availability and response times in near real time makes a […]

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NLP in practice: A Web App Demo for text summarization and Named-entity recognition

Once you have identified, extracted, and cleansed the content needed for your use case, the next step is to have an understanding of that content. In many use cases, the content with the most important information is written down in a natural language (such as English, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) and not conveniently tagged. To […]

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Importance of Unsupervised Learning in data preprocessing

This term encompasses all types of machine learning in which the result is unknown and there is no teacher to train the algorithm. In the case of unsupervised learning, the learning algorithm receives only the input data and is instructed to extract knowledge from this data. There are basically two types of unsupervised learning: 1. […]

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AI Readiness

AI-Readiness – Is your business ready for the use of AI? A checklist with 7 points.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence in general have been on everyone’s lips for some time now. While the topic of AI is in the forefront of the media, most (especially the executive floor) are still not clear on how to best use machine learning or what it takes to implement it all. Ultimately, machine learning […]

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