AI Fear

by Murat Durmus

1, 2, 3 … AI is coming to get you!


Artificial intelligence excites the imagination of many people. Science fiction is increasingly becoming a reality. Not a day goes by without reports about AI and its associated “groundbreaking” achievements.

The layman is overwhelmed. The whole subject area develops too rapidly. He is insecure, frightened, overtaxed, and more and more dependent on the opinions of the so-called experts. However, he feels quite well that something is brewing on the technology horizon in particular. A new era is imminent. We are currently experiencing the first twitches of this dawning age. The expectations and hopes of most people that artificial intelligence will enrich our lives are high.

Artificial Intelligence is a Tsunami
Artificial Intelligence is a Tsunami

They say AI

  • is to make life easier for us.
  • shall prolong our life.
  • should relieve us of thinking in some areas.
  • should reduce us of annoying and monotonous work, so that we can spend more time with the essential things.
  • should heal cancer and many other diseases or make them more bearable.
  • should be able to move cars and airplanes by itself.
  • should know better than ourselves what we want and what is best for us.
  • It’s supposed to make humanity more intelligent, and maybe catapult it to the next higher level.
  • should even be able to avert the climate catastrophe.
  • should … (think of something, and it will most likely be true).

But they don’t always tell us that AI

  • can monitor and control us even better.
  • can make the world more sterile or less personal.
  • can deceive us so ingeniously that “finding the truth” is hardly possible anymore.
  • actually makes us more stupid than more intelligent, because we think less and less ourselves and leave it to the machines.
  • is supposed to make us humans more robots than we make AI robots. It should make us more predictable, the algorithms more accessible, so it can better predict our actions and doings!
  • the perfect technology for warfare.
  •  … (also here you will find enough examples)
Artificial Intelligence quote
Artificial Intelligence Fear

If you accept the good things, you usually have to accept the negative ones too. The question will be which one will prevail in the end. But if we are as ruthless with this technology as we are with our planet, then you don’t need a crystal ball to see how it will end. Anyway, one thing is for sure. When it comes to artificial intelligence, we have only seen and experienced the tip of the iceberg. We are on our way into a new age, which will not change everything that has been there but will transform it. The paradigm shift has already begun.

AI Philosophy and Ethics
AI Philosophy and Ethics
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Have a beautiful day – Murat


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