AI Readiness

AI-Readiness – Is your business ready for the use of AI? A checklist with 7 points.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence in general have been on everyone’s lips for some time now. While the topic of AI is in the forefront of the media, most (especially the executive floor) are still not clear on how to best use machine learning or what it takes to implement it all. Ultimately, machine learning […]

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machine learning

Top Machine Learning Algorithms for Predictions. A Short Overview.

Companies have always been very interested in expanding and improving their decision-making principles. In the past, business decisions were largely based on the experience of proven employees and gut instincts. Over time, accounting systems have become easier and better at revising past business data for interesting patterns and deviations. The problem with these analyzes, however, […]

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Blockchain & Big Data Analytics – the perfect match?

Not so long ago, a consortium of 47 Japanese banks teamed up with a company called Ripple to facilitate cash transfers between bank accounts through blockchain. The main reason for the move was to enable real-time transfers at a very low cost. One of the reasons why traditional real-time transfers were expensive was in the […]

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